You have just made your first step to a healthy life style that can transform your life.

Yoga says you can not change the world around you but you can change your attitude to the world. So, why not start today?

At Yoga Diwali we believe change comes from within and we're ready to walk the extra mile with you to help you build your inner strenght and awaken your creative powers. For that we have designed a variety of practices so that amongst them you could find the one that most suits you.

If you never practiced yoga before we recommend you start with a beginners' class - that way you will gradually build up your confidence while gently stretching & strenghtening your body.

The restorative classes for back & joint problems will sooth the stiffness in your body and help you regain your freedom of movement.

Morning classes are your best start of the day - energizing each cell of your body, preparing you for the challenges ahead, while the evening sessions will help you unwind after the hard day's work and relax your mind.

Besides the various types of hatha yoga which aim at balancing your body & mind, we invite you to try our extra-special anti-gravity classes that will take you back to your childhood and leave you with a smile on your face.

At the end - no matter which time of the day you practice or what type of yoga - its possitive  effect will be felt in no time: you will become a new person by simply addressing the real needs of your body while putting your mind aside.

And if you are not sure which type of class is best for you - just call us on 0889 667780 for an advice!

Enjoy your journey inward...

The Yoga Diwali team

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Private yoga classes in English

Individual classes help improve your techniques, take you deeper into details that will make your practice more enjoyable and satisfying. What you can learn in 90 min one-to-one session with the teacher, usualy will take you several months to advance in a group class. To book a private session with one of our teachers please call 0889 667780. Both Classic and Anti-gravity options available!

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New to yoga?

Our classes are suitable for both complete beginners and people recovering from traumas or other health problems. We take into consideration the fact that each person has its unique body and temperament and therefore requires a different approach. At our studio you will find relaxing, "pace-slowing" classes, as well as more dynamic practices however all focusing on awareness and spiritual growth. Try different classes and find the one that best suits you, with the teacher you feel comfortable with! All our instructors are certified & well-experienced...

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